Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Epilogue" by Eli Ana

I hope you are doing well in your life. I do not need updates, we might go to deeper conversation, this is not for this.
I am writing because I do not need an answer from you
I am writing because I want to close the story
I am writing to you to say I am sorry and I forgive you
We were both in love
Both right and wrong
both angry and cruel
both remembering happy and sad moments
both never able to forget
Now I am done. Memories don't bring me pain any more, only nice feelings of whatever has happened, because it has happened to me and joined the line of amazing stories of my life.
Only thing I regret is losing you as a person, a friend, who was always ready to answer, empathize and listen, person who lied a lot to stay with me.
I always believed we met at a very wrong time in our lives.
This is not true, we met at the most right time as we needed each other: you were like a mirror to me, I saw my flaws, I tried to change my boundaries, I tried to be me. Thanks for this.
Let's not be sorry for loving each other at least for a moment.
Maybe we meet in next life, or maybe we did in our past lives. But for now I just want to tell you that I am sorry and I forgive you.
May nice memories enlighten your heart.

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