Saturday, March 19, 2016

‪#‎ReaderSubmission‬ by Jihad Mahmoud

In a love relationship, I believe "little things" are the most important, these sweet little gestures of care, like a flower with a "love you" note, her favourite chocolate with a red ribbon around, an "I miss you" message, a heart drawing with her letter on the mirror, a surprise ticket to her favourite singer's live concert, etc. They have no end, those little things. And they're usually dearer and more precious than any other expensive gift that you could get her. Because let me tell you something, if she truly loves you, she wouldn't care about the "what" as much as she'd care about the "how" and the "why".
The "how": Do these little things with love and it'll pass right through to her, a direct cupid arrow into her heart. Do not throw her the flower and right away give her your back and leave. Rather offer her the flower with pure love in your eyes and an open heart in your chest eager to hear the happy beats of hers racing and even missing one, out of her overflowing love for you. Wear your heart on your sleeves and wait for her love to show, expect it, demand it, earn it. Let her feel it's important, let her feel that the love she abundantly, endlessly and selflessly extends is her most special gift to you, not something you can do without or just take for granted.
The "why": Because when you do these little things she knows that she's remembered, that she's always present in your heart and soul, that she's cared about and cherished, and that's what really matters. She has to see her worth in your eyes, you have to show her how special she is to you, how she's your rare pearl that you've stumbled upon on the shore of life and decided to keep till the end of time, your once-lost treasure that you've finally found and plan to never lose or ever let go of again.
Just love her truly, love her passionately and show it in the "little things".

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